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I forgot to do something with this community...! You know how it is, school this, school that. I have like five pairs of 7 for all Mankind jeans I need to sell, but haven't really been thinking about it... one pair is way too big (size 30) and the others are too small (Size 25). I also have a Marc Jacobs skirt to sell... yeah, so I need money, because I am studying overseas this summer and I want to buy a new digital camera (SLR) and the lenses are killer! $1,200 for the one I really want... $800 for the fisheye lens and about that for the Macro lens I want... yeah, sucks.

I could get a job for five weeks, but at $8.50 an hour, I might as well just stay home! I could spend the time convincing people to just give me money, geez. Which hasn't been very effective, as I feel guilty and haven't had the mind to actually ask anyone other than my parents so far. LOL The worst they can say is "no" but then I would feel like a loser! Pssssh. I mean, if I was serious, I could probably convince my grandparents to give me money, what with the crying and all... but I guess my pride tells me to get a job, a boyfriend (ew), or a credit card. :(

I think these capris are adorable! Logically, I have too many jeans anyway, so I can't really justify buying any more, but if I could...!


There is some rumor that my car is worth a lot of money, so I mean, I could sell it. I really like it, though. Plus, I don't know if I could find anyone to buy it! I want to get it back and drive it for a little while before I sell it. I guess it wouldn't hurt to list it. The trouble is, if I did sell it, I am way too cheap to spend the money to buy a another car. So I would be car-less. Well, I mean, there is that horrid old Buick, but yuck!

I miss my car. :( Its been in the body shop since January!!! JANUARY! Some stupid bitch hit me (long story) and it didn't do much in the ways of visible damage, but it moved the front end two inches to one side! Its technically a race car and was built to sustain impact, so its no big deal, but it has to be put back into place... the big deal is the electrical issues, and the schematics were almost impossible to get a hold of, then some moron cancelled the fax. All I know is that I want my car before I leave for London. So, if I don't get it back in the next two weeks, I will just have to go take it!

That has nothing to so with jeans, of course. Ummm, if I sold the car, I could afford to buy some jeans! There. Tied it in nicely. AND my Burberry sunglasses are in the back seat, locked in one of the compartments!!! That is the real kicker! And the Hugo Boss sunglasses I bought... kind of, sort of... got lost in the ocean during Spring Break. Yeah, my fault for wearing them! Now I am stuck with wearing a pair of cheap-o Halston sunglasses, because I stepped on the Valentino ones and broke them. I do have a pair of Michael Kors, but they aren't fashionable. :( I should just go buy a new pair, but I don't want to, because its expensive. I want these Born sandals and I was going to hit my grandparents up for the sandals, so they won't be hot on the sunglasses. I could always hit up the other grandparents. OR I COULD GET MY CAR BACK. Geez.
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